Additional Resources

The following are links to various sites which contain additional, related information on the topic of the cashless society.

Other Research on the Cashless Society (in no particular order)

2 thoughts on “Additional Resources

  1. In 1974, my first book was published: “Cashless Society: A World Without Money,” describing the digitized world of CENCOM (central computer) in the next century. The concept of CENCOM preceded the unveiling of the Internet by nearly 10 years. In 1998, in considering the idea of a sequel, I coined the term “diginomics” for “digital economics.” Through it all, I have witnessed the inevitable evolution of a “cashless society” through the preoccupations of advancing technology across all fronts. Tonight, for the first time, I discover your work on Facebook … and I want to post links into your world from my world at and Very impressed with your work and research.

  2. In 1993 I wrote a booklet published by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency “Reducing Crime by Eliminating Cash.”
    In 1998 published a book “Ending Cash — The Public Benefits of Federal Electronic currency” (Quorum Books). (Incidentally, this is idea is currently being mulled by Sweden’s Central Bank.)
    In 2016 I published “The Abolition of Cash — America’s $660 Billion Burden” (CreateSpace).
    I maintain a blog

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