About the Organizers

The cashless society project is brought to you by…

Dr David Stearns

Dr David Stearns is author of Electronic Value Exchange: Origins of the VISA Electronic Payment System, and a Senior Lecturer in the Information School at the University of Washington. David is a historian and sociologist of technology who has been researching and writing on electronic payments since 2003. He has also worked in the software industry, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time, since 1991. You can follow him on Twitter @DaveStearns, or send him email at dlsinfo@uw.edu.

BernardoBernardo Bátiz-Lazo is Professor of Business History and Bank Management at Bangor Business School (Wales). Bernardo has been researching on the history of ATMs and financial services since 1995, and is the editor of the New Working Papers in Business, Economic and Financial History (NEP-HIS). You can follow him on Twitter @BatizLazo, or send him email at b.batiz-lazo@bangor.ac.uk

2 thoughts on “About the Organizers

  1. I am a research student and wish to cite these authors on cashless society. How can I reference it?
    Thanks in anticipation
    Sunday Aderonmu

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