IT as a barrier to entry

I spoke with Jim Bessen about his new book “The New Goliaths” (you can listen to the interview for Newbooks Network here). Bessen offers a deep discussion (albeit for a general public) on how large corporations have used IT systems to increase product diversity and as a result, reduce incentives for innovation and transform IT applications from an enabler of a levelled playing field to a major barrier to entry.

I was pleased to see Diane Coyle, name Bessen´s book at the top of her recoomended list for 2022 (see further Enlightened Economist Prize 2022 – the winner).

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I have edited NEP-HIS since 1999 and its blog in 2010. My background is economics and business history. I am currently at Northumbria University (Newcastle) and my research interests are broadly in applications of computer technology, retail banking and the cashless society.

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